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AICS Inter school CBSE Athletic Meet - 2022

In the AICS Inter school CBSE Athletic meet - 2022 held at Dr.NSAM Eng.Med.High School, Nitte on December 6, 2022 the school team has bagged over all Runner-up Championship and Savin Thingalaya of Grade 10 has secured Individual Championship. Winners' details: Under – 17 years Boys Category : 1.Savin Thingalaya- 1st in 100mts,200mts, Long Jump, 4X100mts Relay. 2.Nidhish S Shetty- 1st in 4X100mt Relay. 3.Nihal Vijay Shetty -1st in 4X100mt Relay. 4.Shreyas S- 1st in 4X100mt Relay. 5 Shannon Monteiro- 3rd in Discus Throw. Under - 17 years Girls Category: 1.Prarthana B Bangera- 2nd in 800mts, 3rd in 4X100mt Relay. 2. Alisha Eshal Rego -3rd in 4X100mt Relay. 3.Joana Lawarencia Noronha- 3rd in 4X100mt Relay. 4.Manya N Shetty- 3rd in 4X100mt Relay. Under - 14 years Boys Category : 1.Kaushil S Salian- 1st in 600mts, 3rd in High Jump. 2.Vinith V Poojary- 2nd in Shotput, 2nd in 4X100mt Relay. 3 .Rishon Martis- 2nd in 4X100mt Relay. 4 .Pradhan U Poojary- 2nd in 4X100mt Relay. 5. Prinson Xavier D’souza 2nd in 4X100mt Relay. Under - 14 years Girls Category: 1.Purvi Kotian- 1st in 600mts, 3rd in 100mts, 1st in 4X100mt Relay 2.Raisha Chowta- 1st in 4X100mt Relay. 3.Avya M Kanchan- 1st in 4X100mt Relay. 4.Swasti S -1st in 4X100mt Relay. Hearty congratulations to all the winners. Special words of gratitude to the dedicated efforts of Physical Education teachers Mr Gerald Pinto, Mr Bhaskar and Ms Renuka.