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"Chemistry is necessarily an experimental science: its conclusions are drawn from data, and its principles supported by evidence from facts"

Based on these valuable words by Michael Faraday our Chemistry laboratory has been designed to motivate children to carry out experiments and witness the beauty of the subject practically.

The laboratory is spacious and well designed with excellent student positioning according to safety standards.

It is equipped with carefully selected apparatus.

The chemicals of highest quality is got from the best supplier so as to get accurate results.

The chemicals are stored in a neat manner to avoid contamination.

Our chemistry laboratory consists of all the necessary chemicals like organic/ inorganic acids, bases, distilled water, indicators, reagents, analytical balance, digital balance etc as per the requirements stated by CBSE.

Various experiments like volumetric analysis, salt analysis, functional group analysis, organic compound synthesis, Investigatory projects for senior secondary section etc. are performed under the guidance of the teacher.

Teachers guide the students instructing them about all precautionary measures to be taken and precise ways to perform the experiments to get accurate results.

This builds up the inquisitiveness in students and drives them to develop interest in the subject