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Our school gives high priority to the academics; the teaching is made more effective considering the audio, visual and kinesthetic needs of our students. St Mary’s facilitates learning through films, video chat, overhead projector, slide projector, computers, videos, music player or CD player, chart, map, 3D models, objects, hand-outs etc to make the class more interesting and bring out the best in students. Using sound and lighting equipment improves communication by heightening the awareness of our student’s sight and hearing. The smart usage of audio visual Aids in classroom teaching effectively helps students to understand the abstract concepts of mathematics, science and social science with great ease. Music players, CD players, puppets, colourful object, and short films on the projectors ignites the creativity of our tiny tots of kindergarten. Audio visual aids of global standard help our students to focus their attention; it makes the information more vivid for them and has long lasting impression in the mind of students. Students make use of these audio visual aids to present their IT projects or seminars which empowers their resourcefulness as effective communicators.