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Awareness Programme for teachers on the problems of the children of Alcoholic Parents held in St Mary’s English Medium School, Kannarpady, Udupi.

An awareness Programme for the teachers on the problems of the children of Alcoholic parents was arranged on 10th August, Saturday 2019, in the Mother Theresa Hall of the school.

The Programme started at 9:15am formally by invoking God’s blessings. Mrs Rita Quadros, Vice Principal welcomed and introduced the guest speaker Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, psychiatrist, A V Baliga Hospital Doddanagudde, to the gathering.

The resource person enlightened the teacher participants with the problems faced by the children of alcoholic parents. ‘Alcoholism is a disease when it’s taken on daily basis and will affect the entire family. There is a difference between problematic children and children with problems. Teachers need to make an effort to find the problem of the child in the school as teachers are extension of parents.’ Alcoholism in the parents leads to uncertainty, lack of basic trust, overlooking of the basic needs of the children, physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse by parents. Adverse childhood experiences result in study problems, behavioral problems and health related issue which in turn leads to early death opined the speaker. Expert added, when the child goes out the school he or she has to develop humanity which is very important to be a part of the society. So it is the responsibility of the teachers to improve self-esteem of the child and help the child to overcome the inferior complexity which is been developed which can achieved by the teachers by being a “Teacher- the only hope” and “Teacher a Friend.”

The teachers watched heart touching videos on the topic. Poorvi a short movie on dyslexia was telecasted to make the talk thought provoking. Mrs Florina expressed words of gratitude and the Principal Rev Fr. Johnson Sequeira was present throughout being a part of the Programme.