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Capacity Building Program on INTEGRITY AND ETHICS held in St Mary’s English Medium School, Kannarpady, Udupi.

A day’s workshop on Integrity and Ethics was arranged in the Mother Theresa Hall of St May’s English Medium School (CBSE), Kannarpady, Udupi in collaboration with CBSE, to meet the present day challenges the erosion of ethics from society and imparting it in the minds of students and prepare the children to face the situations in the real world.

34 teachers from 15 schools of Udupi and Mangaluru, 30 teachers from the host school became a part of this enriching and informative workshop.

At 9:00 am the workshop was formally inaugurated by invoking the blessings of Almighty and lighting the lamp. The formal function was presided over by Rev. Fr Valerian Mendonca, the correspondent of St Mary’s Educational Institutions, Udupi. Mrs. Rita Quadros, Vice Principal of the school welcomed all and introduced the resource person Mrs. Kusum KP, Principal SMS Academy of Central Education, Virajpet, Kodagu to the gathering. ‘The present world is facing a serious problem of washing away of values and ethics, which is a serious issue on which we need to reflect. Having idealism is something healthy, but there is a lot of difference in idealism and reality. Teachers are asked to teach truth and justice but in the real world the children see corruption everywhere. There is a wide gap between the values taught by media and the values taught in the class, there is a clash between good and evil in the society’ said Rev Fr Valerian Mendonca in his presidential address. He asked the teachers to teach not by words, but by their lives being role models. He gave a call to the teachers to teach morality and ethics by words, actions and values inculcated by the teachers in their lives.

The resource person of the day Ms Kusum began her session at 9:30 am through interaction wherein she said Integrity and Ethics is a serious matter but there is hope. What I do to myself is what I do to others was the tagline used by her in the beginning to start her session. The speaker of the day asked the teachers to have belief in whatever they do, update knowledge and admit mistakes so that students can follow the teacher. Ethics is a set of rules given by an authority and Integrity is what is right according to you, which should respect the entire humankind. Integrity sometimes becomes so strong that it goes against the Ethics she opined. A number of videos were shown on the concept and activities like role play and gallery walk were conducted wherein all the teacher participants actively took part and gained practical experience. The professional quoted “Cognitive consonance to be avoided otherwise it will kill your professionalism” she ended her session with beautiful message, “Smile and prove that you are Hope.”

A formal valedictory ceremony started at 4:30 pm. Teachers from different schools came up with their feedback. The resource person was presented with a memento as a token of respect by the Principal on behalf of the school. Mr Vinay Suvarna coordinated the programme. Mrs Nayana from the host School expressed words of gratitude. Rev Fr Johnson Lawrence Sequeira, Principal of the school provided all the guidance and was supportively present throughout.