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Bunny Movement started by Mrs Lakshmi Mazumdar, the former National Commissioner who recommended to introduce a programme for the children between the age group of 3 to 6 years during the ‘International year of the child’.

BUNNY LAW: I shall try to be a good boy/girl. MOTTO: “Keep Smiling”

UNIFORM: An Apron with Bunny Symbol will be worn over the school uniform.

BUNNY SALUTE: The two fingers(middle & fore finger) of both the hands should be raised along the side of the two ears depicting the ears of Bunny.

Bunny programme is based on four sign posts namely:

(i) Love for God

(ii) Love for nature

(iii) Creative activities

(iv) Learning to play together.

Activities for Development of Senses,Activities for Mental Development, Creative Activities and Nature Observations are encouraged among the Bunnies of this movement.
‘Teach them young’ goes the saying. But here at St Mary’s we believe in ‘Teach them as toddlers’ Bunny programme is a part of Scouts and Guides Movement for our KG children. Our little Bunnies are called Bunny Tamtola (boy & girl). We try to provide an overall development to children of kindergarten. We cultivate habits of personal cleanliness by inculcating good social manners. Our toddlers have been active participants in all school activities with their motto “Keep smiling.”



NCC training is imparted right from Class VIII to X for qualified aspirants where by our cadets grow to be disciplined, honest, patriotic, secular and wedded to the national cause transcending all barriers of caste, creed and language. The School has an Independent Unit of NCC Junior Wing under 6 KAR NAVY NCC UNIT, Udupi. The N.C.C. syllabus includes training pertaining to Navy and its services. All enrolled boys and girls of classes IX and X are required to attend Annual Training Camps at selected places during vacation. Selected boys and girls are sent for Rock climbing and Advance Leadership courses.

  1. NCC is an Integral part of Curriculum at School.
  2. It is voluntary for all boys and girls from class VIII to X.
  3. NCC Parade is held on every Thursday.
  4. All Cadets are given small arms training as part of NCC Activities.


Clubs such as literary club, Consumers club, Science club, Eco club, Fine arts club play a vital role in developing the coscholastic skills of students in St Mary’s.Club activities render an opportunity to correlate academic skills with the real world context. These clubshelp students to improve communication skills, foster creative thinking and develop leadership abilities. Our school envisions to create through these clubs, a society of responsible personalities with sound citizenship traits. Club activities bind students with similar interests who easily maintain friendship and venture into socially productive works in society in long run.Therefore the benefits of the clubs are future oriented rather than present. Students are motivated to undertake variety of social works, eco-friendly initiatives, literary and art projects through club activities. Every year students enthusiastically take part in public awareness programmes under the banner of Consumer club and Eco clubs. The promising members of these clubs are offered with the responsibility of organizing literary events, quiz programmes and cultural concerts every year which shapes in them excellent organizational skills. On the whole the activity oriented style of education in St Mary’s is actualized to a great extent through these clubs.



Cubs and Bulbuls is the first lap in the journey towards scouting and guiding .It prepares the boys and girls to take up bigger tasks in scouting and guiding and also helps in their mental and physical growth. Children learn to be independent and to live a disciplined manner. It was established in1914, when Rustomji Edulji Sethna came across the book scouting for boys written by Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of scout movement.

St Mary’s English medium school always offers students the best of activities for the children under ‘Cubs & bulbuls’ platform.Many activities are conducted in the school on regular basis which help students to enhance their skills and also to develop a disciplined & independent lifestyle. School plans innovative group activities and educational games during the weekend meetings to teach them the required social skills & soft skills. Students also learn the Cubs & Bulbul law,motto, prayer,promise and greetings in weekly meetings. Cubs & Bulbul aims to develop deep passion for social service and community welfare among children.



A sound and efficient society can be constructed only by the co-operation and co-ordination of people in the society. It can be easily developed when people are skilled in the art of effective communication and expression. To develop these values among the youth Lord Baden Powell founded the Scouts and Guides movement. Today this movement has spread across the world and attained global recognition.

St Mary’s English Medium School has a well-coordinated troop of Scouts and Guides. The whole troop is divided into different groups and each group has a leader. Various activities are organized and competitions are held for the members during the weekly meetings. It helps them to exhibit creative ideas and inculcate the skills of sharing& caring .The motivational value system in Scouts & Guides moulds them with good conduct and positive outlook. St Mary’s Scouts and Guides troop stands unique as it aims to achieve the all-round development of its members. The spirit of service & community welfare evolves them in to responsible citizens



The Young Students Movement is a movement which provides a platform for the students to change their lives in accordance with its motto ‘ to create a just society'. The students from grade 8 to 10 can be the members of this club. The activities of the club help children to develop leadership skills, ethical values, helping others, working for the betterment of mankind and saving the Earth. It not only helps children to develop these values but also to inculcate them in their life and to be role models in building a just society.