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Palms for Alms - Community outreach program by St Mary's English Medium School, Kannarpady, Udupi.

The Principal and staff visited 'Vishvasada Mane' -a rehabilitation center for destitute, helpless and specially abled at Shankarapura to extend the charitable service. Taking forward the long standing tradition of conducting community service programs on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, this year the program has been coordinated under the theme ' Palms for Alms' signifying the biblical message of 'Cheerful giver'. The alms contributed by the management and staff of St Mary's were donated towards the benefit of inmates during the visit. The donation included clothes, fruits, food, groceries and other daily essentials. The founder Pastor Sunil John D'Souza offered his prayerful blessings for the philanthropic contribution of St Mary's Family. Principal Rev Fr Johnson Sequiera congratulated Pastor Sunil D'Souza and his team for their invaluable service towards the less privileged and differently abled. He also appreciated the spirit of social responsibility upheld by St Mary's staff in integrating this community outreach program. The program was coordinated by Vice Principal Mrs. Rita Quadros. The teacher coordinators and senior staff were present on the occasion.