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Our school promotes a healthy lifestyle to ensure minimizing the risk of spreading microbes which schools are typically prone to due to the close contact of people for prolonged periods, numerous commonly touched communal surfaces, a clean drinking Water Cooler is an essential tool.

The best way to stay hydrated is to drink more water. Drinking plenty of clean healthy water keeps students alert and functioning at their highest level.

We understand that remaining properly hydrated helps to improve attention, short term memory and well-being. Our student’s health is our prior concern. Keeping this as our one of the best motive to provide best facility for our students we installed adequate number of Water Cooler at each floor of our school campus.

Water Cooler at our school campus is a great refreshment. Students can fill their water container when they run empty and stay hydrated and active whole day.

We know that it is super important to keep the school Water Coolers clean. Every 5-6 weeks Water Coolers will be cleansed with disinfected solution and everyone in the campus can access germ free, cold, fresh water all day long from Water Coolers.