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On the occasion of the Decennial celebration St Mary’s has installed Elevator facility in the Campus building. The newly installed elevator is a most practical option for people with special needs to access the facilities of multi-story building. The elevator is open to any student who has received a note from the physician, directly stating that they cannot use the stairs – such as students in a medical boot or on crutches. The elevator is also accessible to students who have permanent disabilities such as being in wheelchair. The educational seminars, training programmes, awareness programmes and cultural events which take place in the two multipurpose auditoriums of the school ‘Mother Theresa Hall’ & ‘Rev Fr J.P Tauro Memorial hall’ located in 2nd & 3rd floors respectively are now easily accessible to the special invitees, guests, delegates and senior citizens through the elevator. The inclusion of the elevator has also lowered the possibility of the seasonal rush of parents which occur during the exhibition of science models, flower arrangement, Rangoli & Salad preparations in the above mentioned auditoriums. With the installation of the new elevator the school complex is now upgraded to meet the standards of fire safety measures.