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Report on Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration

St Mary’s English Medium (CBSE) school, Kannarpady, Udupi celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanthi on Saturday, October 2, 2021 in St Mary’s Auditorium, at 9 am.

The program started by invoking Almighty’s blessings. Bhavya welcomed the chief guest of programme ShriVishu Shetty Ambalpady, a Social worker of Udupi, V. Rev. Fr Charles Menezes, Correspondent, St Mary’s Educational Institutions, Udupi, Rev. Fr Johnson Sequeira and Ms Rita Quadros, Principal and Vice Principal of the School Respectively, Teachers and non-teaching staff. Ms Amratha Shetty introduced the guest to the gathering.

Floral tribute was offered to the portrait of Gandhiji in remembrance of his sacrifice in gaining Independence to our country. Sarva Dharma Prayer followed to spread the message of universal brotherhood. On this special day the school website which is been updated according to the CBSE requirements was relaunched by the Correspondent.

Shri Vishu Shetty, the guest of the day spoke on the problems faced by the present generation adolescents and teenagers. He highlighted the importance of teaching basic human values and morale to the students in school. He stressed on the need of building a just society by inculcating basic life skills and healthy family relationship at home and in the surrounding. He also gave a call to audience present to walk the talk. It is not only the duty of the educational institutions to prepare responsible members of the society and vigilant citizens of the country, but also the responsibility of the family and society.

V. Rev. Fr Charles Menezes in his presidential speech told that, the children now a days are going away from the life values they must possess. The technologically advanced world has converted them into machines without humane values. We cannot match the life of Gandhiji, but we can try our best to follow his principles and inspire others said the Correspondent.

The guest of the day was presented with a memento as a token of love and respect. Ms Manjula proposed the words of gratitude, Kshama and Aadarsh anchored the program. The celebration winded up by singing National Anthem. The whole program was meticulously planned and executed by the Principal and Vice principal.