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One of the important aspect in well-being of the student is acquirement of knowledge and development of personality. Along with this another important area that always be a prime importance is, the safety and security of students, with good health a student can always step forward confidently.

Our school has taken every necessary step to provide children a healthy and hygienic growing atmosphere. A separate well equipped medical room attached with spacious Infirmary is made available in the school to manage the emergency situations and to ensure the safety of children.All the necessary facilities such as first aid kit, wheel chairs, hot water bag, ice packs, splints, comfortable beds, BP apparatus, stethoscope etc help us to lower the risk of any challenging health issues. A registered nurse is on duty in the infirmary throughout the school hours and also participates in various health programs organized by the local government such as campaigning deworming tablets, vaccination etc. She is in constant contact with students & parents concerning the health & the safety of the children.The school medical service is assisted by a medical unit comprising of teachers and supportive staff that keenly monitors kids at school premises.The School management believes in providing the comprehensive health care to students.In times of emergency the management and the concerned staff take the complete responsibility of admitting the child to the hospital. The health care facilities at school help children to reach their full academic potential without any hurdles.