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Prize Distribution Programme

The annual prize distribution programme for the students of Kindergarten to grade 5 :

The annual prize distribution ceremony for the students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 was held on November 12, 2021.

Mrs Sonia Crispina Peter, the renowned trainer for nursing and Basic life support was the Chief guest for the programme. The programme was presided over by the Correspondent V. Rev. Fr Charles Menezes.

The programme commenced with a prayer by the students Choir followed by a welcome dance.

AlisterD‘Souza of Grade 5 welcomed the gathering. Ms Rajashree introduced the guest to the audience. The Chief guest and the Correspondent honoured the prize winners with certificates.The Chief guest appreciated the enthusiasm and the competitive spirit exhibited by the students. She lauded the school authority for sensitising the challenges faced by the parents during the online mode of education and engaging the students through activity oriented learning. The Correspondent in his presidential address appealed the parents to encourage their children to take part in all the co curricular activities organized by the school. Rivelle of Grade 5C proposed the vote of thanks . The programme was anchored by Master Adheesh of Grade 5.