School Magazine

‘Marian Panorama’ -School magazine gives a glimpse of all the activities conducted during the academic year and also the various events organized at the school campus. It is a creative platform which exhibits the multifaceted interests and talents of the students. ‘Marian Panorama’ being a meaningful forum encourages children to develop their art & literary skills. The articles, poems, short stories, reports, reviews, drawing and painting produced by students and teachers are published in this annual magazine. It also provides opportunity to students to develop self-confidence and enjoy the freedom of thought and expression through the medium of literature. ‘Marian Panorama’ reflects the vision & the mission of the school and speaks of its educational ideology. The staff and students together invest their coordinated efforts in drafting, editing and designing the structure of the school magazine. ‘Marian Panorama’ is a comprehensive and authentic documentation of school’s step by step progress which mirrors happy, proud and stunning moments of schooling at St Mary’s.