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In a serene pacific environment of St Mary’s School, we care cafeteria facility as well. It was established in the year 2010.We play an important role in shaping lifelong healthy eating habits by offering nutritious wholesome Indian vegetarian meal.

The cafeteria committee keeps checks on the type, quality and taste of food serves in the spacious dining hall. It also oversees the upkeep of the canteen area.

The cafeteria in the school caters to the students and staffs providing healthy and hygienic food each day. The menu is planned for its nutrition content and taste.

The school cafeteria has a fully-equipped kitchen facility where the food preparation occurs and it has been closely regulated and supervised by the administration.

The students are given lessons in etiquette and table manners and taught to wash their hands and maintain cleanliness before and after their lunch break. The administration ensures to implement systems to enforce queuing and good behavior. At the same time school cafeteria offer great potential to improve students eating behavior.

It’s a favourite place for the students to spend some time with their classmates in a more relaxed and pleasant environment .Fun, friends, food and excitement are overloaded here. Every event, talk begins and ends here. It is the meeting place of every student with friends. For instance, they can sit with new friends and strengthen bond.

The best part about an in-house of St Mary’s school canteen is that the students and staff have hot fresh meals.