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launching of 'Spell Bee' competition

The vision behind this innovative model of 'Spell Bee' competition is to strengthen and deepen the English vocabulary of students. As a preparation for this novel educational initiative, students from Grade 1 to 12 were instructed to learn the spelling and meaning of a selected list of technical words used in their textbooks.The first round began on July 26,2022 with dictation ,word grid and other creative grammar activities.The second round was conducted on July 28, 2022 in the form of oral test to check the accent and fluency.This process will not only make students familiar with the technical terms of various subjects but also sharpen their linguistic abilities. The best performers of first 2 rounds will be shortlisted soon for the successive rounds.This new model of Spell Bee is evolved, designed and experimented successfully under the guidance of Principal Rev.Fr Johnson Sequeira for the first time St.Mary's.