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St Mary’s is known for its well experienced, qualified and dedicated faculty members. The School has four different staffrooms at different floors facilitating the teachers of Pre-primary, Primary, Higher Primary, Secondary &Senior secondary sections. Staff rooms are spacious, well ventilated and equipped with Intercom as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. It enables teachers teaching different subjects to discuss and share their ideas in leisure time and work together to build better learning environment for students. The staffroom provides them a suitable atmosphere to plan and prepare creative activities for students. Each teacher is given a personal space to keep their reference books, teaching aids and other educational documents. We believe that a well-designed staffroom can make a positive impact on the health and well-being of teachers and results in improving the performance of children. Spacious Staff rooms provide quality opportunities for children to have interaction with the concerned teachers during their leisure period. Utmost care given in redesigning the staff room is fruitfully utilized by the teachers.