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An Awareness Program on Traffic Safety

An awareness program on Traffic Safety was conducted in Mother Theresa Hall by Mr Ravi Shankar of Udupi RTO on January 18, 2023. It was an excellent initiative taken by Mr Ravi Shankar to enrich the students of Grade 7, 8 and 9 with various Traffic Mandatory signs and hand signals which have to be followed strictly, not only by the two wheeler, three wheeler and four wheeler motor vehicles, but also by the bicycle riders. Especially the students. Mr Ravi Shankar highlighted on various aspects like importance of having a licence, the right age to drive or ride, usage of footpaths and zebra crossing, following traffic lights, precautions to be taken before crossing the road, making way for ambulance and fire brigade, being more patient while driving, safe place to play games, effects of drink and drive, effects of driving without licence etc. He also mentioned about how to board and travel in a school bus, auto or a van. Interesting quiz regarding the topic was also conducted and students who answered the questions were awarded. Students of St Mary's School participated actively . Ms Usha Hegde, the Coordinator of Secondary section anchored the program.