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Diwali celebration

Deepavali was Celebrated at St Mary's Auditorium on November 9, 2023. St Mary's Auditorium was ablaze with festive fervor as the Diwali celebration unfolded in a grand manner. The event commenced with a soulful prayer, setting the tone for the day's spiritual journey. Dignitaries illuminated the venue by lighting the traditional lamp, symbolizing the victory of light over darkness. The auditorium resonated with melodious tunes as a wishing song filled the air, bringing smiles to the faces of everyone present. Simultaneously, talented children mesmerized the audience with a captivating dance drama, depicting the mythological story of Deepavali. Their performance was a visual treat, showcasing the essence of the festival.

Adding a creative touch to the day, students presented a skit that emphasized the significance of deepavali. Through their performance, they highlighted the importance of dispelling negativity from human hearts and replacing it with the illuminating virtues of peace, love, and humanity. The highlight of the event was Rev Father Charles Menezes's enlightening message. He emphasized the need to spread the light of peace, love, and humanity, dispelling the darkness of negativity that often engulfs human hearts. His words resonated deeply, inspiring all attendees to reflect on the profound message of deepavali.

A warm welcome speech was given Aadith, and Manvi delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the event's success. The event was expertly compered by Kaustubha and Anvitha, who ensured a smooth flow of the program.