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The Fit India school week program was celebrated virtually due to the ongoing pandemic situation. This time it was successfully conducted in our school between 7th to 12th December 2020 with the active involvement of students, staff and parents. The core objectives of this Fitness initiative were to encourage the physical activities and promote the cause of fitter, healthier and happier nation. The pioneer of this nationwide fitness programme is Shri Narendra Modi who launched this programme on 29 August 2019 with an aim to incorporate the physical activities in the day to day lives of people and enhance their resourcefulness.

Alike all CBSE affiliated schools, our school also observed the 6 day extensive fitness programme with a motto to sharpen the sporting talents of our staff, students and parents.

Day1: First day of the fitness week began with the drilling of free hand exercises for students using the online platform. Various fun filled activities such as Rope skipping, Dance performance, Hopscotch, Zig Zag and Shuttle running were conducted for teachers in the school campus to tone up their mind and body.

Day2: On the second day the Physical Education Instructors of our school demonstrated Surya Namaskar& various other Yogasanas on online platform and guided students to perform the same at home. In addition to it an open letter on ‘Power of fitness’ drafted by students and teachers was addressed to the youth of the nation.

Day3: On third day Poster making activity was assigned to the students on the theme ‘Hum fit haitoh India fit’ or‘New India fit India’. The importance of nutritious food, cleanliness, regular exercises and physically active life were emphasized by the participants in the creative and thought provoking posters designed by them. A large number of students enthusiastically participated in the poster making activity upholding the spirit of the event. As a part of joint activity, Chess game was conducted involving parents and students with an objective to deepen the concentration level and strengthen the attachment between parents and children.

Day4: Essay writing and Poem writing competitions on the theme ‘Fitness beats pandemic’ were held on the 4th day of the fitness week. Many students expressed their creative thoughts through Essays and Poems highlighting the essential need of fighting covid19 pandemic.

DAY5: On fifth day, variety of virtual challenges such as squat challenge, stepup challenge, spot jogging,rope skipping, ball dribbling were given to students and teachers. Teachers as well as students dynamically exhibited their most impressive sporting skills during their participation.

Day 6:last day was exclusively devoted to family fitness. Both parents and parents were asked to use home based, unconventional sports equipment to perform various fitness activities. This activity was a motivation for many parents and students to exhibit their hidden fitness talents and make integrated efforts towards family health.

The observation of Fit India school week was truly successful in bringing about a remarkable change in the mindset and outlook of students, teachers and parents towards the simple and novel ways of attaining fitness. The active and dedicated participation by more than 120 participants made this fitness event a fruitful one.

Video of Fit India School Week